How much
will X cost?

I generally work on a per-project (vs. a per-hour) basis, with very specific deliverables and number of revisions. This helps both of us — you won’t be facing an unknown cost, and I won’t be facing The Project That Never Ends. If you require work beyond the original contract (e.g. additional revisions or file formats) we can renegotiate an additional payment or per-hour cost.

I don’t provide a price list here because each project is unique, and may involve specific resources (e.g., stock photos, original illustrations, etc.) or price breaks that can add or subtract from the cost.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your project. Once I have a better idea of what you’re looking for,
I can give you an estimate. Neither one of us will be bound to the project until we both sign a contract that will include a full list of deliverables, a timeline, and a set cost.

But I can get a logo at [out-of-the-box logo service] for $X. Can you match that?

Unfortunately not, but you get what you pay for. Out-of-the-box logo services do not provide the level of personal contact, research, or thought that go into designs provided by a dedicated designer. They often use generalized images and oversimplified cliches, and the same designs might be used for multiple clients. Wouldn’t you rather have a personalized, thoughtful, and smart design tailored specifically to your needs? A timeless logo is an investment in your business.

How do I pay you?

I require a 50% deposit upon signing a contract, with the final 50% to be paid before delivery of the final artwork. I provide electronic invoices, and accept payment through PayPal or by personal check.

How long will it
take to complete
my project?

The amount of time a project takes can vary– anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months.

Timelines generally depend on the number of projects I currently have underway, how quickly we can meet for an initial discussion, how quickly I receive original materials and each set of revisions, and your existing printing deadlines (usually at least a week before you actually need your finished product), among other variables.

That being said, any contract we sign will include a full list of deliverables and an enforceable timeline.

Contact me to discuss your project and I can give you an estimated time frame.

What does the design process involve?

The design process begins with an initial consultation to discuss the project. Together, we create a Design Brief that articulates your goals, target audience, competitors, and aesthetic, and which sets boundaries for timelines and costs.

Once a contract is in place, I research and develop up to three concepts, guided by the Design Brief. We’ll meet again to discuss, and armed with your input and feedback I’ll return to the drawing board to flesh out the preferred concept. Simpler projects might require one round of feedback, while more complicated projects might include more.

Once the final design is approved, I provide artwork in the agreed upon formats. In addition to design, we can include provisions in the contract for me to help with commercial printing or formatting the design for future applications.