Ellicott slough national wildlife refuge Embroidered patch

This is one of eight embroidered patches created for the San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex via the San Francisco Bay Wildlife Society. These patches are awarded to volunteers as they complete a set number of work hours at each Refuge, and are sold at the Visitor’s Center to help raise money to support volunteer efforts.

Each patch represents key species found in one of the seven Refuges, with an additional patch representing the complex as a whole. I worked closely with Refuge biologists to ensure each species was rendered faithfully within the 10-color limit imposed by the embroidery process.

In the patch representing Ellicott Slough National Wildlife Refuge, an endangered Santa Cruz long-toed salamander (Ambystoma macrodactylum croceum) basks on a rock in the foreground. Behind and in the distance, a coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia) shades a hill.

Ellicott Slough National Wildlife Refuge was established to protect the endangered Santa Cruz long-toed salamander, and supports two of the 24 known breeding populations of the tiny amphibian. In addition, the Refuge also supports important freshwater habitat for migratory birds, and is home to threatened California red-legged frogs and California tiger salamanders.

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